NWWI-validated appraisal

In most cases, a standard property appraisal will do. However, sometimes you’ll need a so-called validated appraisal report. As appraisers with the renowned Dutch Housing Evaluation Institute (NWWI), we can be of service in both scenarios. Contact your financial advisor to find out what kind of appraisal report your money lender requires.

Competitive rates

We charge a fixed fee for appraisals, which means you know exactly what to expect right from the start. Want to know what we charge? Contact us.

Taxation process

Step one
Request and appraisal

After you contact us – either directly or via your agent or financial advisor – to request an appraisal, the first thing we’ll do is schedule a viewing of your house or apartment. You can choose to be involved directly, but we’re also happy to work with a third party like the selling agent. In the meantime, we’ll officially log the appraisal with the Dutch Housing Evaluation Institute (NWWI) and send you an order confirmation request by email. After that, we’re ready to go!

  • Scheduling the viewing
  • Logging the appraisal with NWWI
  • Order confirmation

Step two
Viewing and survey

During the viewing, we take a look at your entire home, survey the finishing, and take pictures to include in the appraisal report. We’ll also carry out an architectural inspection, as well as take its location and immediate surroundings into account. And don’t worry about cleaning before we come over – none of that will end up in the report!

  • Valuing the property
  • Interior and exterior photography
  • Surveying architectural state, location and surroundings

Step three
Appraisal report and validation

After the viewing, survey, and architectural inspection, it’s time to process the accumulated data and compile the appraisal report. This process is subject to strict rules and regulations. Once finished, it’s signed by the appraiser and logged with the Dutch Housing Evaluation Institute (NWWI), which checks whether the report meets all legal criteria.

  • Compiling the appraisal report
  • Check for zoning and soil contamination
  • Validation of appraisal by NWWI



Step four

Once the appraisal is validated and all official criteria are met, NWWI files the definitive report. We will ensure you get access to their online portal, where you can access or download the report. Your financial advisor or money lender will take it from there!


  • Report uploaded to NWWI portal
  • Payment processing
  • Receive your appraisal report


Request your appraisal report today!


NWWI Validatie proces

Uitleg - NWWI Validatie proces (in Dutch)